Philippe Flajolet


22th International Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods in the Analysis of Algorithms

Conference dedicated to the memory of Philippe Flajolet

To the AofA community

We would like to quote from a eulogy for our dear friend and colleague Philippe Flajolet, which we believe that this sentiment expresses the feelings of many in our community.

"The world has lost a brilliant and productive mathematician. Philippe's untimely passing means that many things may never be known. But his legacy is a band of followers passionately devoted to Philippe and his mathematics who will carry on. Our conferences will include a toast to Philippe, our research will build upon his work, our papers will include the inscription 'Dedicated to the memory of Philippe Flajolet', and we will teach generations to come. Dear friend, we miss you so very much, but rest assured that your spirit will live on in our work."

We have decided to dedicate the AofA meeting in Poland to Philippe, and to rework the schedule so that Wednesday will be devoted to talks about Philippe. Anyone is welcome to deliver a talk of any length on Wednesday that particularly relates to Philippe. It could be a small personal anecdote, or something filled with technical detail. People already scheduled to give presentations on other days are of course welcome to pay tribute to Philippe, as well.

In addition, several of us have been contacted regarding tributes of all sorts to Philippe. We hope to use our week in Poland to coordinate efforts and keep everyone in the community informed of the opportunities that will be available in the coming year and beyond.

Best regards,
Bob Sedgewick
Wojtek Szpankowski