Philippe Flajolet


22th International Meeting on Probabilistic, Combinatorial, and Asymptotic Methods in the Analysis of Algorithms

Conference dedicated to the memory of Philippe Flajolet

Organizing committee

  1. Jacek Cichoń (chair)
  2. Mirosław Kutyłowski
  3. Zbigniew Gołębiewski
  4. Rafał Kapelko
  5. Marek Klonowski

All members of the organizing committee are working at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Wrocław University of Technology.

Steering committee

  1. Brigitte Chauvin (Univ. Versailles, France)
  2. Luc Devroye (McGill University, Canada)
  3. Michael Drmota (TU Vienn, Austria)
  4. Philippe Flajolet (INRIA, France)
  5. Robert Sedgewick (Princeton University, USA)
  6. Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue University, USA)